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Our Mission

Working together to advance education and fight poverty in Lebanon

Our purpose is to provide individuals in Lebanon, especially young people, from lower-income backgrounds, with the education and the means to better their lives and improve the prospects of their families and communities. 

Global crisis in Lebanon

Lebanon’s current multi-fold crisis has resulted in unprecedented poverty levels among a population that was equally hit by covid-19 peeks and a cataclysmic blast on 4th August 2020 that devastated the city of Beirut, killing hundreds, injuring thousands and making hundreds of thousands homeless. The human toll is frightening!

UN estimates reveal that some 4 million people representing close to 80% of the country’s population are now trapped in poverty, many struggling for food and bare necessities. This dreadful situation is expected to worsen in the short to medium term as the country is still in the throes of a political and social crisis and has little prospect of restoring its economy or attracting inward investment beyond limited international aid programmes.

Alphabetical Order supports schoolchildren from low-income Lebanese families through our education NGO’s tuition aid program

Alphabetical Order seeks to help struggling Lebanese families. Beyond the immediate aid programmes, we believe in a longer-term strategy of supporting the education of Lebanese school children.

Our allocation of grants and tuition subsidies and our management of education projects will not only alleviate lower-income families from the financial burden of education but will also provide future generations of Lebanese citizens with the knowledge and tools to improve their own, their families and their country’s prospects.

We’re on a mission to leverage education in our fight against poverty as we strive for social well-being in Lebanon.

We invite you to join us and make an impact! For €1 a day you can ensure that a child gets the gift of an education.

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