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Thousands of Lebanese schoolchildren are forced to drop out of school as families can’t afford the cost of education. 

…and the situation is only getting worse. Schools are struggling to pay their teachers who are leaving the country in droves as they are no longer able to make ends meet. This is a catastrophe for Lebanon that once prided itself on the quality of its education.

We must stand together to give the youth the opportunity of a decent future. Education is the only effective tool to beat poverty and ensure Lebanon’s recovery.

Alphabetical Order needs your support to subsidise school tuition fees for children from underprivileged families across Lebanon. 

Donate now and thank you for sharing our message.


78% of Lebanon’s population is now living in poverty, according to a new report by the UN that spells out the urgent humanitarian crisis facing the country. That’s close to 1 million households including 745,000 Lebanese families, many of which are withdrawing their children from school.



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