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About this campaign

This campaign is in favour of underprivileged children at Cadmous College in Tyre, Lebanon. All donations will fund tuition fees for children in need at that school

Many of these children may be forced to drop out of school as their impoverished families can no longer afford the cost of education following the economic collapse of the country.

This is an unprecedented catastrophe in a country that until recently prided itself on the quality of its education.

We strongly believe that education is the only effective way out of poverty. It is integral as it transforms the fabric of society, promotes free will and independent thinking and brings about improved social and economic wellbeing.

Please donate any amount you can and help us give these children the hope of a decent future.

$350 is the average annual cost of a child’s tuition.



About the School

“Cadmous College is a Catholic school located in the Tyre region in southern Lebanon. The school is run by the Lebanese Maronite Missionaries Congregation. It was established in 1966 and includes all cycles, from kindergarten to high school. Currently, the school has 1,400 students enrolled. Cadmous School takes pride in the fact that its student body and teachers come from diverse backgrounds including various spiritual sects in Lebanon. The school also provides its students with the most up to date educational programs. Currently, Cadmous is the only school that provides the IB program to its students in the Tyre area. It is also the only SAT test centre in the south governorate. These educational services aim to help our students plan a better future when it comes to their college education. Our school also has specialized staff and licensed teachers that educate students with learning difficulties. When it comes to their social life, the students of Cadmous enjoy a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs that are available each year. Clubs include the Drama club, Sports club, English club, Health club, Eco club, Media club, and the Social Awareness club Alwan. Cadmous also ensures the engagement of the Alumni Committee as well as the Parents Committee. It is fair to say that Cadmous is an oasis of peace that seeks to educate students based on citizenship, openness to others, and living human and spiritual values.”


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Cadmous College – Tuition Aid
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Campaign Donations

Nov 12, 2021Mr. Jaafar Sleiman$100 (One-time)
Nov 12, 2021***$1,000 (One-time)
Nov 12, 2021Mr. FANIA Feghaly$50 (One-time)
Nov 12, 2021Mr. Rony Naccour$50 (One-time)
Nov 11, 2021Mr. Saad Ayoub$10 (One-time)
Nov 9, 2021Mrs. Farah Yassine$50 (One-time)
Nov 9, 2021Mrs. Ghada Hamdan$25 (One-time)
Jan 3, 2022***$4,290 (One-time)