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About this campaign

This campaign is in favour of underprivileged children at Collège Notre-Dame Sahel-Alma, Lebanon. All donations will fund tuition fees for children in need at the school.

Let your hand heal a heart

Many of our children may be forced to drop out of school as their impoverished families can no longer afford the cost of education following the economic collapse of the country that until recently prided itself on the quality of its education.

We strongly believe that education is the only effective way out of poverty. It is integral as it transforms the fabric of society, promotes free will and independent thinking and brings about improved social and economic wellbeing.


Dear Alumni,

We helped you strengthen your backbone; you have become ours now

Your old school needs your urgent help. The same school that raised and loved you unconditionally is asking you today to give a helping hand to carry teachers and families through this tough crisis.

Your old school needs your help, no matter how little it is.  A small donation goes a long way.


Please donate any amount you can and help us give these children the hope of a decent future.



It begins with you.


YES, I want to Gift Aid this donation and any future donations I make in the future or have made in the past four years to Alphabetical Order of Lebanon.

I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the current tax year than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations it is my responsibility to pay the difference.
If you tick the Gift Aid box, your additional support will help to fund our work in Lebanon

Monthly Payment: $ 3000
One-Time Payment: $ 3000

Payment successful,
Thank you for your kind donation!

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Campaign Donations

Jul 3, 2023Mr. Wael Mudawar€100 (One-time)
Jul 1, 2023Mr. Faiez Ennabe€100 (One-time)
Jun 16, 2023Mrs. Mary Milik€100 (One-time)
Jun 7, 2023Mr. OGEC Sainte Anne€1,580 (One-time)
Jun 2, 2023Mr. Hanan Selim€100 (One-time)
May 26, 2023Mr. Fouad Francis€100 (One-time)
May 26, 2023Mr. Jean Carlo Balta€100 (One-time)
May 26, 2023Mr. Fady Wahba€50 (One-time)
May 25, 2023Mr. A Lazar€100 (One-time)
May 25, 2023Mr. Ayad Shlaimon€100 (One-time)
May 25, 2023Mr. Allen Balian€100 (One-time)
May 25, 2023Mr. Fred Neme€200 (One-time)
May 24, 2023Mr. Mark Francis€100 (One-time)
May 24, 2023Mr. Mary Diab€100 (One-time)
May 24, 2023Mr. Isaias Zamora€100 (One-time)
May 24, 2023Mr. Fady Wahba€50 (One-time)
May 24, 2023***€1 (One-time)
May 24, 2023Mr. Oliver Salazar€100 (One-time)
May 24, 2023Mr. *** ****€50 (One-time)
May 24, 2023Ms. Manuela Yousif€100 (One-time)
May 24, 2023Mr. Mary Depaul€100 (One-time)
May 24, 2023Ms. Dena Depaul€100 (One-time)
May 24, 2023Mr. George Tseheridis€100 (One-time)
May 24, 2023Mr. Astiphan Jajo€278 (One-time)
May 24, 2023Mr. Gregg Kaiser€100 (One-time)
May 24, 2023Mr. Antwan Depaul€100 (One-time)
May 24, 2023Mr. Melad Lazar€100 (One-time)
May 3, 2023***€1 (One-time)
Jan 29, 2022Ms. Nadine S$100 (One-time)
Jan 29, 2022***$100 (One-time)
Jan 28, 2022Ms. M.A K€5 (One-time)
Jan 27, 2022***$100 (One-time)
Jan 27, 2022Mr. Mutaz Abu Jreis$25 (One-time)
Jan 27, 2022Ms. khaled Ali$100 (One-time)
Jan 23, 2022Mrs. lk kh$10 (One-time)
Dec 14, 2022***$660 (One-time)