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Le Voilier, disabled day care centre & 4 residential homes – Rebuild & Repair

Le Voilier club and the Al-Zawrak association hold daily activities that cater for the needs of members of the club with disabilities. The Beirut harbour explosion on the 4th August 2020 caused damage to the St Jean-Baptiste Centre housing Le Voilier rendering the premises unfit for use.
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St Elie, Sainte-Famille – Tuition Aid

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Cadmous College – Tuition Aid

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Rawdat Al Fayhaa – Tuition Aid

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Theatre Gemmayze – Rebuild & Repair

Theatre Gemmayze, built 125 years ago in the heart of Beirut, is one of the oldest theatres in the Middle East. The massive explosion on the 4th of August 2020 that ripped through the Lebanese capital’s historic Gemmayze district shattered the theatre and the campus of the Sacre-Coeur School where it is located.
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Sagesse Jdeideh – Tuition Aid

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