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The Fellows of the Order are staunch supporters of Alphabetical Order. They are recognised for active commitment to our mission and values and for their sustained contribution to our development.

By committing multi-year support for operations funding, the Fellows of the Order allow us to plan for the future, creating efficiency and stability. The Fellows are a dedicated private group of donors that back our pledge that allows 100% of public donations to fund education and alleviate poverty in Lebanon.

Our Fellows live and work in countries across the globe, what unites them is a shared vision for social change in Lebanon and wellbeing for the Lebanese people. These men and women are ambassadors for Alphabetical Order’s mission.

As successful entrepreneurs, thinkers, writers, artists and business leaders, the Fellows of the Order believe in the advancement of education and the combat of poverty as means to achieve wellbeing and prosperity for our society.

These Fellows are our most loyal teammates, our most visionary partners, and our most outspoken champions. We rely on their expertise and they inspire our strategic direction.

The Fellows of the Order convene in August each year in Lebanon for a day dedicated to constructive networking and debate with a view to promoting change and furthering our philanthropic aims.