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Collège De La Salle Kfaryachite – Tuition Aid

Published March 2022
$ 6,000
Tuition Aid
Project description
Subsidising school fees
Project status
Kfaryachite, North 34.352 35.895
Local partner
Alphabetical Order
Sponsored school
Collège De La Salle Kfaryachite
School established
Curriculum taught
Language(s) of instruction
French, English, Arabic
Tuition bracket
LBP 4,680,000 - 6,080,000
Students funded
Tuition applications approved

Alphabetical Order supports underprivileged children at the Collège De La Salle Kfaryachite, through grants and tuition fee subsidies. Our work with the school’s students and their families facing hardship began with the start of the 2021-2022 academic year. We are conscious of the critical importance of the task that lies ahead as we work to secure grant funding for the children. In the current disastrous economic circumstances, many families of students at the school are in need of support. Our volunteers are working around the clock to raise funds to safeguard the future of these children.

In Lebanon, hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren may soon be forced to drop out of school as poverty struck families can no longer afford the cost of education following the economic collapse of their country. This is an unprecedented catastrophe in a country that until recently prided itself on the quality of its education.

We strongly believe that education is the only effective way out of poverty. It is integral as it transforms the fabric of society, promotes free will and independent thinking and brings about improved social and economic wellbeing.


About the School

Kfaryachit est un village libanais du gouvernorat du Nord Liban et situé à 200 mètres d’altitude dans les terres du District de Zgharta. Il est à 18 km de Tripoli, deuxième ville du Liban et capitale du gouvernorat du Nord Liban et à 5 km de Zgharta.
Implanté en pleine zone rurale, le village de Kfaryachit compte un petit nombre d’habitations, une église et une petite école publique. Ses oliveraies le séparent des villages environnants : Kferhata, khaldiyee, Kferzayna. Les habitants de cette région vivent de l’agriculture : ils cultivent principalement l’orange, le citron et l’olive.

Le Collège De La Salle (CLS) plonge ses racines dans le Collège des Frères de Tripoli dont il est issu. En 1975, la guerre civile qui a suscité des déplacements démographiques en a imposé la fondation. Ses élèves ont pérégriné entre Kfarfou, un petit village du Caza de Zgharta, et Akbeh-Zgharta, avant d’être définitivement accueillis, en 1982, dans les bâtiments nouvellement construits par les Frères à Kfaryachite.

Project Campaigns

Our Work

400,000 children are being left out of school due to poverty, and 745,000 Lebanese families struggle to afford education for their children.

We’ve been on a mission to help Lebanese children pursue an education. With the backing of generous supporters like you, we will achieve our aims.


Students funded

Students funded
This number represents all students that have been allocated grant funding or tuition subsidies by Alphabetical Order. It includes students that have benefited from one-off and multi-year aid allocations. This number is dynamic, and we update it periodically as we receive current information from the field.

Tuition Aid applications approved

Tuition Aid applications approved
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Schools sponsored

Schools sponsored
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Projects started

Projects started
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How we work
Our teams work to identify and manage education based projects serving lower-income families across the country. We work with these families, students, schools and other stakeholders to advance education in Lebanon.
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