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Lebanese National Day celebration in Luxembourg

On 22nd November 2021, Alphabetical Order will participate in the celebration of the Lebanese National Day event organised in Luxembourg by the Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg asbl. The walking dinner will be attended by close to 200 members of the Lebanese community in Luxembourg.

It will feature a number of nonprofit and voluntary organisations working to promote charitable programmes in Lebanon and to serve Lebanese communities both nationally and internationally. Solidarity will be the main theme of this year’s anniversary.

Modalities of The National Day of Lebanon event in Luxembourg for 2021

The cocktail and dinner will take place on the 22nd of novembre 2021, starting at 7pm, at the restaurant l’Avenue in Luxembourg. You can sign up for the event via this link.  Associations and charities from Lebanon and Luxembourg will talk about their projects and attendees will be able to make donations.


Charities, nonprofit organisations and participants to the Lebanese National Day event in Luxembourg

This event, organised by the Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg, was made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of BEMO Banque privée, MNK Partners, Parking Energy Services, Milestone Consulting Engineers and REALCORP.

The attendees include:


  • Alphabetical Order of Lebanon, a charity for the education of Lebanese children

Alphabetical Order’s purpose is to provide  young people and children from lower-income backgrounds in Lebanon with education, giving them the means to better their lives and improve the prospects of their families and communities.

The charity is registered in the UK and has projects all over Lebanon. It grants tuition subsidies to school children, administers school development aid and manages education and poverty relief projects.
Through its proprietary fundraising platform, Alphabetical Order provides donors with a large selection of pre-screened education and poverty relief projects, actively managed by its teams on the ground. Alphabetical Order is committed to its 100% Model of operation, allowing all public donations to go to the field.

Learn more about our campaigns in Lebanon. 


  • Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg, the Lebanese community in Luxembourg

The Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg A.s.b.l. is a cultural organisation for the Lebanese community and friends of Lebanon. It encourages social, educational, cultural and philanthropic activities that:

  • Help members make contacts, be part of the community and exchange information in a supportive environment
  • Deepen the community’s appreciation of Lebanese culture and heritage
  • Intensify cooperation between Lebanon and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

Visit the website of Cercle Libanais de Luxembourg.


  • Krystel El-Adm Foundation, to improve access to education for Lebanese children

The Krystel El-Adm foundation believes that every child has the right to Learn and achieve their full potential. The foundation providing lower-income communities in Lebanon with the tools and support to improve their access to education .  Krystel El-Adm Foundation’s scope of work includes offering programs to help children develop their leadership skills as well as their cognitive and socio-emotional skills (DREAM & GROW programs). KEAF also collaborates with local NGOs to ensure the basic needs of food, health and shelter to their family.

Learn more about the Krystel El-Adm Foundation.


  • LIFE Lebanon, an organisation for the Lebanese Diaspora

LIFE is a worldwide membership organisation, non-political and non-religious, for Lebanese professionals in the diaspora. Initially open to Finance professionals, in 2020 LIFE expanded to include the fields of Consultancy, Law and Technology. LIFE Generation is the charity arm of LIFE and is active in promoting Education for Lebanese students in financial need and supporting job creation in Lebanon. LIFE Generation is registered in 6 countries – UK, US (501c3), France, Switzerland, Australia and Lebanon.

Visit Life Lebanon’s website.


  • Ordre de Malte Luxembourg, raising funds for medical facilities in Lebanon

In a follow up to its fundraising action following the Beirut harbour explosions in August 2020, Ordre de Malte Luxembourg is now raising funds for the creation and operation of a new medical facility in Lebanon that will be operated by the Lebanese association of the Order.
Order of Malta is present in more than 120 countries, and provides its service of assistance to the sick, the poor and the underprivileged.
The Order of Malta is present in different sectors of activity such as: medico-social assistance, relief for victims of armed conflicts or natural disasters, emergency services, management of first aid teams , assistance to the elderly, the disabled, children in difficulty, the teaching of first aid training courses, intervention actions in favor of refugees and immigrants. For over 900 years, the Order of Malta has acted neutrally in the world without distinction as to race, origin or religion.

Discover Order de Malta Luxembourg’s projects.


  • Stand Liban – Bazar International de Luxembourg

The Bazar International de Luxembourg is an organisation that is run entirely by volunteers.

It is non-commercial and independent and combines the act of fundraising with a multicultural shopping event that attracts thousands of visitors into the halls of LuxExpo The Box. The Bazar has been the largest international fundraising event in Luxembourg for the past 60 years. Every year the Bazar International supports dozens of charities worldwide. Stand Liban, run by members of the Lebanese community in Luxembourg also propose and raise funds every year for worthy charitable projects in Lebanon.

Stand Liban at Bazar International de Luxembourg